A dreadful story of a forest…

freeworld2Early morning, birds were chirping and mild cold wind was blowing, Ella jogged as usual but took a path into the dark forest with tall trees hovering like clouds. 

She had her earphones on, when suddenly everything went silent and she was nowhere to be found. Only her ipod was left behind with a song playing ‘sweet dreams’.

‘sweet dreams’

Next day, a couple for their vacation booked a summer house in the forest. Nicklaus and caroline had been together for four years, they were so busy for couple of months with their work that they planned a get away for the holidays.

Swiftly, they unpacked and rushed to look for the waterfall in the vicinity as described by the bus driver. It was rumored to be haunted  and no one knew what incident had watered that seed of rumor. 

When they reached the destination they saw a rather serene waterfall with sunlight flickering in the water with lots of different species of flowers around it, as if green glimmer of nature painted a dream into reality. 

Air wafted with pollen from the trees, taking their brains to the world of hallucinating nightmares. They saw the painted serene reality shifted to dark nightmares of fire pain and demon. They screamed and wailed with shifting hallucinations. When they woke up from the nightmares they realized that they were trapped inside the tree, and there was no going back.

What do you think? this is the first story I wrote here, so I will appreciate your comment. Thank you for tuning in.

“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald.